For years, all-in-one or all-in-one computers have been available that lack the typical desktop tower or box incorporating all the components necessary for its operation in the structure of the screen. However, for a while to this part are increasingly seen this type of computers all in one, but what makes them increasingly popular in business?

The iMac we could say was the precursor, the reference team and the model to follow. Although they did not take long to leave similar models with Windows system, the most used in the companies. These equipments have hardware similar to that of a laptop, which makes its price a little higher than a dessert. Also in the company nowadays bets for panoramic screens of 22 "or more, where have open two documents to full size.

The great advantage of these equipments is the cleaning of installation and wiring, besides occupying a smaller space. If you use a wireless keyboard and mouse, you will only have two cables, the network and the electrical connection. This greatly simplifies the facilities maintaining a good image, something that is valued a lot in the jobs that are facing the public.

To this also adds that they have a rather attractive design in its majority, where the manufacturers know that it is an emerging sector and they look for to attract to the consumer with a more and more polished design, finer frames or facilitating the access of simple form to the USB ports for convenient peripheral connection.

At the same time has been popularized large screens, and as collateral effect has also been cheapened the equipment, which now may be only a little higher or even similar to what it would cost us to buy everything needed for a post Of conventional work. That yes, the ease of repair and the cost of maintenance will always be greater than in a desktop computer, as it happens with laptops.

Finally, as they become more and more popular in the face of the Pc option, manufacturers already have equipment of this type of different ranges, low, medium and high, making it easier for companies to acquire equipment that fits their Needs without necessarily having to go to the higher end.