We collaborate with Non-Profit Associations

Association of people with disabilities Valle de Ricote.

Adivar is a non-profit organization that emerged in 2009 due to the initiative of a father with a child with cerebral palsy, whose aim was to put in place the necessary mechanisms to help all people with disabilities and their families, and to ensure their rights.
It is for all that our philosophy of work starts from the solidarity, the affection and the affection towards the person in need.

Centro de Día

Day care service from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., which serves people with intellectual disabilities from the age of 21, where they promote their personal autonomy and develop their physical and cognitive capacities to the maximum through dynamic sessions And entertaining. There are also leisure and free time workshops and various excursions, which help to promote integration and enjoyment for the users, and on the other hand, there are pre-work workshops such as rice sachets for weddings and details for various celebrations.

Our center offers support and advice, both social and psychological, to the families of our users and also includes transportation and dining service.